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7.14 - 8.01
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12nn - 7pm (Mon - Fri)
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7.14 (Thu) 6.30pm#
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Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre,
18 Tat Hong Ave, Kowloon Tong
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Lossless is a digital era terminology coined in relation to data compression. The word inflicts the dispute of our thinking. No matter how much information computer could record, man always desires to achieve more. An infinite remembrance seems ideal, hence data are compressed to unbound the limitation of computational storage. Contradictorily, man also sought for the primitively state of an information in seek of perfection.

With countless turmoils and the restless mortal coil, students’ kinked bodies are trapped in the hysteria that is the era’s crevice. Our minds are, however, boundless. We use the great minds of ours to think in this concrete jungle. Some of us overthink and push themselves off the ledge. In repression of our overthinking, we losslessly infer and unfold the cogitation in the form of art. This is our philosophy of survival and how we retain our sobriety in this erratic age.


Photo of Prof. Allen, Richard William

Prof. ALLEN, Richard William

Dean and Chair Professor of Film and Media Art
School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong

Lossless compression names the data compression algorithms that allow original data to be perfectly reconstructed from compressed data as in a zip file. In an information era of built in obsolescence, manipulation, and overload, lossless-ness promises the utopian retrieval of information, access, and truth from the shades of surveillance, interference and interruption. Lossless also suggests that we have nothing to lose, that the artist’s creative engagement with computational and digital media is a go for broke game with history that uses our communication technologies to liberate and expand our ways of seeing and understanding from the blind and ossified pathways of convention. It is, this, the twin promise of lossless-ness, that is intimated by each of the artworks in this show.

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  • Installation

SCM Annual 2016 放映匯集了17部敘事電影、2部實驗電影、3部紀錄片和20部動畫作品。


SCM Annual 2016 Screening 42 titles, which includes 17 fictionalfilms, 2 experimental films, 3 documentaries and 20 animations (2D & 3D).

Apart from the regular screenings showcasing graduates' works, there are also special screenings and sharing sessions, the public is welcomed to visit and join.

▲ 紀錄片 Documentary

△ 實驗電影 Experimental Film

♦ 動畫 Animation


Film without specific indication :

Fictional film

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SCM Annual
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Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong