Wood, Fabric
Ho Ka Hei 何嘉曦
Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media
“19970807” is my deepest scar in my heart. It is a room that I have been lived for 18 years. I create this artwork for facing my depression and mental illness. Please feel free to explore around and don’t take anything away from the room.
There is a diary labelled with “19970807” that tells a story. It is advised to enclose the curtain at the entry properly when reading to the diary. Thank you.
“19970807”是我過去給我留下最深的瘡疤,它是我過去生活了十八年的房間的再現。 創作這份作品的時候我直視了我多年來逃避的抑鬱和悲愴,而我希望透過自我公開與大眾分享幫助我自己從中康復的過程。
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