2:18 a.m.
Ceramics, Cushion, Cement
Wong Ting Kei 王庭基
Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media
It was 2 something in the middle of the night. It was so late that all lights were off. I was feeling helpless and insecure because of several problems in life which I cannot overcome. I took out my Sutra from the drawer, knelt down and started to pray. After reading pages of sutra, I had a sudden blackout. It was just a few seconds and I became conscious again. It was all dark except the light from the crack in front of me far away. Although I had no idea where I was and what was happening to me, I felt warm and comfortable. I walked towards the light and the cracked slowly opened itself. Passing through the crack, it was my room where I just preyed. And on my hand, I was holding a box of McNuggets. McNuggets, I guess it was what I exactly needed.
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