Cycle Practice
Wood, Ready-made objects
LEUNG Chui Yi 梁翠怡
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media
This is a ceremony, a tribute for things that were once a part of my life for but soon will be gone forever, for the better or the worse.
Sentiments are worth nothing by itself, only pair with words and belongings can it truly becomes anew, becomes something worth remembering, becomes something worth to be passed down to generations through stories.
Sentiments accumulate with age and timeline. It is something can’t be stopped even with farewells, instead we embrace the goodbyes to make their departures more valuable, then we get better at it with each come and go.
Thank you for coming along with me on this journey, your presence is welcomed at my fort of childhood. Even if you didn’t feel a click with any of my stuff here, I’m still grateful for your help with organising my memories. Feel free to share any of your fascinating stories with me and put it in the mailbox or tie it on the strings inside.
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