"Grease In Breeze"
Yu Ka Man 余嘉文
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media
My work covers the themes of personal development and social problem in a fun and playful way.

The story talks about Mr.Grease, who was determined to become the dream boy of the girl he loved. For the pursuit of his love, he embarked on a weight loss journey without hesitation and encountered some hardships while reshaping his body.

In present days, the endless ever-changing trends about appearance, fashion and standards of beauty and success are affecting us unconsciously everyday. We all struggle to meet the standards of others and end up changing the essential character of ourselves. Hopefully, the story of Mr. Grease will open your mind and lead you to look at the world through a different perspective.

My work also incorporated multiple Hong Kong elements in the concept art designs, hoping to strike a responsive chord in the hearts of Hong Kong people.
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