In The Middle Of The Land
Hui Lam 許嵐
Bachelor of Science in Creative Media
A science-fiction short film project, a piece about nature, a vision of our near future, a story about belief.

A world that is not far from now, yet, changes arrived way faster than we thought it would be. Things that we take for granted nowadays have already gone. The nature has become a forbidden area due to the fallen natural system which is now harmful to human. At that time, all lakes and reservoirs have disappeared due to extreme climate change. However, not much people care about it as human have already found other ways to serve clean water. There is either the ocean or the land. Big water in the middle of the land has become nothing more than a myth. There is only 2 Lions left on this planet. Tigers are already part of the history. Adults have stopped caring about these issues because animal extinctions and disappearance of natural creatures happen every year, even month. Sadly, they are getting used to it... For the young ones, they treat many of those things as history and stories only as they have never seen most of them - That is the world we are living in right now.

In a world like that, a girl named Teresa and a robot that she has built, Adam, made a difference voice...
一個人,相信一樣東西是有價值的。 但她卻因為他人的眼光和看法,懷疑那份價值。 她在想,如果只餘下她自己一個相信,那麼那樣東西真的還有價值嗎? 但,有些相信,是在乎於自己的信念,不在乎別人的認同和聲音。 而這份信念是要經歷的,要尋找的,要面對懷疑,要願意冒險的...... 這個故事,是關於一個女生尋找相信的故事。
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