Memories through Scents
Organic Acrylic Plastic, Glass, Iron and Wire
Janice Tan 陳詠恩
Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media
“Memories through Scents” by Janice Tan

Organic Acrylic Plastic, Glass, Iron and Wire
65cm x 65cm

The exchange programme that I participated in Budapest, Hungary was a great experience to spiritually and emotionally renew myself. Except for times that I really missed the food from home[Hong Kong], I adapted to the lifestyle so much. I feel better when the perspective on life is changed. This work results from numerous experiments on scent production by adopting the ethanol method in 5 months. I integrated produced scents and the installation itself to create an imagination of what I missed the most about Hong Kong when I was abroad, and an imagination of my significant memories of Budapest when I am back to Hong Kong, I wish the abstract idea could be expressed through this artistic creation.
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