Wood board, Photo Print, Rope, Acrylic Plastic Board
Chow Wing Tung 周詠彤
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media
Momentum, a force or speed of a movement in its literal meaning, while in here, it states an emotional impulse and personal reflection during my exchange study in Finland.
As a city-born person who is surrounded by all kinds of artificial technologies and manual constructions, the concept of Individualism clandestinely immersed my mind. However, in Finland, the power of human become relatively small in front of the extreme weather that we are just a part of nature. Such a huge difference between Hong Kong and Finland encouraged me to make a comparison between these 2 places. They are just like an upside down world to each other: cold and hot, darkness and light, nature and city, but also have some similarities: powerless, lost and meaningless.
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