Night Calm
Acrylic Plastic
Kwan Wing Lun
Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media
When most of the lights were off unlike daytime, our city at night shows a sense of calm and silent. The busiest city in the world can have time to take a rest, we can observe the architect and building in detail without the distraction of lights. At first glance in this series of photos, you might feel strange and unfamiliar. However, have you ever consider to stop and look at our city in a different perspective, the calmness and silence are the most original born of our city. From the photographs, there are still some remaining lights from the buildings or the architect, they never stop building a better city that we only see. These contradictions between clam and movement happen in the photographs. Again, observe the photographs together with the strange self that you might think of from the mirror. It’s time to slow our pace, explore the city which should familiar with, somehow there is another experience.
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