The Strange Habit
Wood, Projector, Animation
MOK Yee Man 莫綺汶
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media
Everyone has their own strange habit, it does not matter if those habits are being understood or accepted by others, because they are what define us. We might be one of the millions of snowflakes during a snowy day, but when you take a closer look, we all are unique and special in our own way. Be ‘strange’, be yourself.
每個人也有屬於自己的奇怪小習慣,它不一定要被別人理解或認同,卻代表了你的獨特之處。於社會中,我們或許都是平庸和普通的;但只要用心觀察,你和 我都是特別的一個。成為「奇怪」的一個,成為你自己。
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