Truth or Dare
YAN Ka Man 殷嘉文
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media
Truth or Dare is a kind of collection and representation of my memories and thoughts, exploring the topics of quarter-life crisis, loneliness and existentialism.

It is a tube to express my biases towards our city, Hongkongers live without life goals and beliefs as many have no control to themselves and their homeland. Many live like strangers being detached from their society.

The experiment of circular narrative structure is applied in order to implement the idea of a looping life, while every single event occurs sequentially following a “numeral script”. Applying the concept of Tableau Vivant, each shot could be considered as a painting with detailed plans of props, colors and lighting, staging of the actors, and frame composition. In the film, these elements follow the changing psychological states of the protagonist.
講述臨近畢業的偉樂用任何事情抽離的態度去掩飾自己缺乏人生意義的事實,直到這個保護自己的套路被打破後,去面對自己需要改變和成長的痛苦所帶來的遲疑。 觀眾以第三者看偉樂, 他面對父親死亡後面對一連串的事件,事件之間劇情上似乎沒有直接因果關係, 但又以每一場次的細節、其發生次序和規律這些宏觀的敘事方法傳遞困境。
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